Reactivating the local economy

IoP Jalisco has as its main objective supporting the economic and social recovery of our local community.

By creating a digital ecosystem in which we incorporate an innovative virtual coin, we seek to incentivize, compensate and reward everyone from consumers to businesses, industries and civil associations of different types.

Find work!

With hoozie you can find work in an easy way and earn money in hoozies or together with pesos, you just need to sign up, tell us a bit about what you do and in a few minutes you will be seen by a great community that is looking for great talents like yours.

Just remember that all independent workers need to submit proof of ID to sign up and provide their services.

Develop your talents

We know that our community is full of very capable professionals and people who are willing to learn.

That is why here at Hoozie we have developed a modality in which you can offer or receive coaching services and pay with hoozies (or together with pesos).