Hoozie Currency

IoP Jalisco was created inspired in the local economy by implementing a new digital currency that can be used at your favorite shops and the best part? you can earn money through very simple activities such as pedal!

1 Hoozie = 1 Peso

Buy local and earn!

Each time you buy in an affiliate business you will immediately receive 15% of your purchase in Hoozies.

So the more you spend, the more you earn!

This is how you can consume and earn in your local community:

Earn with your services

Deliveries, decoration, casual jobs, graphic design, software development, carpentry, etc. If you are good at something, share it with your local community!

That is the essence of the IoP Jalisco movement!

This is how you can offer your services in IoP:

Offer qualifications

Our local community is a source of experience and knowledge.

Offer your tutoring to locals, remotely, without having to invest time in travelling, by using all the free tools that IoP Jalisco makes available to you: text chat, videocalls/audio, and document sharing.

This is how you can offer your trainnings:

Earn by helping

Volunteer to help and YOU WILL EARN hoozies for a time! Registered NGOs will reward you for your help with hoozies after each activity.

Earn by taking care of your health!

As a member of IoP Jalisco you will earn Hoozies each time you walk, run or bike in Jalisco.

The bicycle lanes in the Guadalajara metropolitan area are connected to the IoP app, so you will earn hoozies with every kilometer you bike!