Hoozie Currency

IoP Jalisco was created inspired in the local economy by implementing a new digital currency that can be used at your favorite shops and the best part? you can earn money through very simple activities such as pedal!

1 Hoozie = 1 Peso

Shop local and win!

Every time you buy at a registered shop, you will immediately receive 15% of your total purchase in hoozies.

The more you spend, the more you earn!

This is how you can consume and earn in your local community :

Earn with your services

Deliveries, decoration, odd jobs, graphic design, software development, carpentry, etc If you are good at something, share your expertise with the local community!

That is the essence of the IoP Jalisco movement!

This is how you can offer your services in IoP:

Offer Trainings:

Our local community is a source of knowledge and expertise.

Share your expertise remotely with the locals, you don’t even have to leave your place, IoP Jalisco tools are free and easy to access: chats, audio and video conferences, and document sharing

This is how you can offer your trainnings:

Earn by helping

Volunteer and WIN hoozies in exchange for your time! Registered NGOs will reward you with hoozies at the end of every activity that you signed up for.

Earn by taking care of your health!

As a member of IoP Jalisco, you earn hoozies every time you take a walk, a run or pedal in Jalisco.

Urban bikeways within Guadalajara Metropolitan Area are linked to the IoP app so you will win hoozies for every kilometer travelled!