Discover how to earn with Hoozie

Using the App

Sign up

From the moment you sign up your business in the app, you automatically earn +100 hoozies.


Get 4% of your purchase in hoozies with each transaction that you make in affiliate businesses.

Get active

You will get 10 hoozies every 30 minutes of cycling or every 6 kilometers.


By recommending hoozie to a new person you will get 50 hoozies the moment they sign up. You will get 100 hoozies if you register a business.

If you own a business

Register your business

When you sign up your business in hoozie you will get 250 hoozies instantly. If you are part of the Chamber of Commerce you will obtain 350 hoozies.

Receive payments with hoozies

You will be able to create offers and discounts to receive payments with hoozies in your business.

Recommend hoozies

By recommending hoozie to other businesses you will get 1,000 hoozies as a reward.

Earn for your social organization

IoP supports you monthly

Your organization will receive 10,000 hoozies each month to help you get volunteers and give rewards.

Earn by signing up your social organization

The moment you sign up your social organization, we will give you 5,000 hoozies so you can begin taking advantage of the benefits of hoozies.