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The app that rewards you for living in your own city

Hoozie allows to earn hoozie coins that can be exchanged for products and services in your own city, from food and transportation, to hotel rooms and events.

Win Hoozies

Without even realizing it, you can make hoozie coins out of your day-to-day activities. There are four ways to earn hoozies: Pedal, Buying, Helping, and Endorsing.

How it works?

Through the app, you can find nearby businesses, services, and events that accept hoozies. When paying, a QR code will be generated and it can be scanned for discounts and gifts. The best part is, you will earn more hoozies when paying with hoozies!

Hoozies will be valid only for a period, after that, they will expire. But don’t worry, there are many easy ways to earn hoozies in your city.

Where can I pay with hoozies?


Public sector


Non-governmental organizations